Last of 2013 Studio 860 Battles





Studio 8 Sixty Trailer

Once again, went on a hiatus, but i’m back . Been on the low this fall, but I went to catch a dance battle. I rarely ever hear about dance battles being held in my area, but I made a snippet of what I witnessed. I shall be making a full video soon. Enjoy.

3 Day Adventure to Washington DC

Typically, a Friday would be a day to just relax and think of  something to do on the weekend. But instead of staying on my so called Gilligans island. I decided to take a trip. Mind you it was completely spare of the moment, but I figured is it not what summer is about.  So …

Finding Blizzard Storm : NEMO

If you live in New England then you are also posting pictures on every social media site of this blizzard. As of today i’m greatly considering getting out of dodge aka, Connecticut. Come take a peek at my inside of my block which looks similar to igloo-like one you have in your driveway.