I know its been a long time since I have wrote on here. I figure now is a good time to do that. New Job, New Money, New place, and New roommate. With all my achievements, I see I haven’t achieved a certain something that requires a woman being at your side until death.  Once again though, I have another friend that now is off the bachelors club ,and is in a new selective “VIP Club” called marriage. Continue reading “Always the Guest, Never the Groomsman.”


Studio 8 Sixty Trailer

Once again, went on a hiatus, but i’m back . Been on the low this fall, but I went to catch a dance battle. I rarely ever hear about dance battles being held in my area, but I made a snippet of what I witnessed. I shall be making a full video soon. Enjoy.

3 Day Adventure to Washington DC


Typically, a Friday would be a day to just relax and think of  something to do on the weekend. But instead of staying on my so called Gilligans island. I decided to take a trip. Mind you it was completely spare of the moment, but I figured is it not what summer is about.  So our 8 hour road trip to Maryland began


We first went to see one of our friends in his 3 story home. Must say it was definitely had the ambiance of a perfect bachelor pad. Three floors, patio with good view. I could only the imagine the company or parties this person would have on a daily basis. Only thing was the  neighbors were kinda close for comfort on patio but ehh, just have to hope their cool.


If your ever in Hyattsville, definitely get a meal at Busboys and Poets and get a drink called “Dirty Water” trust me it does look like it too. Plus the place looks like a safe haven for hipsters


DAY 2: Of course I didn’t have my camera of last nights buffoonery, but we started the day with some sushi, and my fortune kinda hit close to home. Of course after our meal we did something a bit educational since, last night we lacked a whole lot of intelligence thanks to a vice call liquor. So we went to a museum, the Smithsonian  to be exact

Of course, a couple of us broke the rules at the museum, but hopefully no one will shutting down Instagrams over it. Also didn’t know what that New Mexico license plate was trying to say. ”  “. I hope I’m wrong though.


Dr. Martin Luther King


Proud to be an African American


Felt refreshing taking a tour of the museum. After that being we were all feeling like “Rocky”  and we decided to at a run around Washington just a bit more.


My favorite Chinatown so far, sorry New York City and Boston.

Had to take a break from all that walking. Well one of us was still recovering from ACL surgery, well not me personally, but we slowed down for him to keep up.

One the way back of course we had a extremely quick tour of some monuments, you know Pentagon, and Washington Monument no big deal.

After our quick tour one of us had to make a stop and see family. I saw my family as well, but they weren’t too happy I was being a ninja.  Sorry family, we will have a proper reunion

So with Sunday being our last day figured might as well end it with Hookah. Of course we had a first timer so all the reason for him to cross this of the bucket list.

So all in all it was a good time in DC. I think we had so much fun we forgot to bring extra cash, cause unfortunately we didn’t have enough money for our last toll into NYC. Too funny unfortunately my friend will be billed for that one, but will be compensated later. Not bad for a random unplanned trip if i do say so.

Don’t forget “Life is either a great adventure or nothing” ~ Helen Keller

Cheers, Travelers and Adventurers

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