So my good friend Whitney Q and I ventured to Amsterdam. Can’t lie was pretty geeked about this since its another country I can cross of the list.

Keep in mind we had to take a train from Victoria, to London Southend Airport then take the dreaded EasyJet to Amsterdam and a train to the city. So you can imagine I got a couple naps in.


So basically we landed and got a 1 day pass which pretty much lets you ride all buses and trams around the city. People are so friendly, and are able to guide you anywhere.

One thing you notice about this country. Cyclists rule the world. “Who runs the world?” Cyclists!  Or at least girl cyclists.

Of course I’ve been binge eating pancakes as of late so I saw a spot Pancake Amsterdam and got me a strawberry and blueberry pancake, definitely something I would recommend to all.

Also Whit and I definitely had to go see the “I Amsterdam” sign. Mind you its not as easy as it looks to get on those letters for a picture. In fact I saw one tourist have the audacity to attempt to get on the “I” of the sign. Surprisingly enough they succeeded in getting to the top.


Of course has stop at couple places like Patta, to look at some kicks. We also stopped by Puma, where Ms. Whit was lucky to cop those RiRi slippers. Lastly we also stopped by the sex museum and saw some things that I think would change a man, but nonetheless, it was something to see.


After all that walking had to grab a beer and a seat to rest our feet, then made our journey to jolly ol England. Shot out to Ms Q for joining me on this trip. We will making more trips to come.

Hopefully we will have more to join

Cheers World Travelers.

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