London Part Deux


I have finally returned to the Jolly ol England. Or thats at least what I thought when I took a picture of the Shard.


Being back in my place of zen, it seems God was working with me the 10 days I was there because I didn’t experience any bit of rain. So lucky. Also I feel like this time around I’m no longer a tourist, I know the my lines from Elephant and Castle and also what Zones. I miss the people, the funny tasting food, chasing after buses etc.

First place, I went to food wise was this little Turkish Spot in Shoreditch. Shout out to my cousin Jon for putting me own. Actually I lied actually big up to my homie Ramat for putting Jon on. Definitely good Turkish food for a good price. It was good to see my cousin, I feel like though we live in the same state we rarely see each other. Might need to make a change.

So of course when i’m London I can’t but of course cop a pair of trainers/sneakers. Lets be real London just has some kicks that the states will usually sell out of. So i copped a pair of Asics and was tempted to get some Sockdarts, but the fact my cousin said look like ninja shoes kinda through me off lol, still love ya Ruby.



Definitely giving props to my second cousin Ruby for coming me to Carnaby Street to take a look at some spots. I recommend if you come to do a little shoe shopping come down here.

So after a long walk we went to a Steak place on Piccadilly Circus. Mind you food is very good but when you ask for lemonade in U.K they will hand you a Sprite, not a fructose or sugar induced drink we call lemonade. Yea thats not happening here.

Since it was since day also went to Hyde Park to meet some of new people and some old friends. Nothing like some laughs and some fruit with some wine with 70 degree weather.

Another of cousin’s favorite food spots. “My Old Dutch”. If you are ever around the Holborn I suggest you stop by here and get a “Hot Dutch” pancake. with a beer. This will hit the spot, and you feel extra hungry get two.


They quietest train I have even been on in my life…


Of course in UK had to get some art in, while we and my cousin we kinda got one bad rainy day. Of course I was prepared and I had a hoodie my cousin wasn’t as fortunate. But stopped by a nice dope art museum to keep out of the rain. There are definitely some gems hidden in this city.


London will always remain city close to my heart, I mean for God sake I got a barber in this country. But no offense my barber in the states. Its just there is something I like about this country that I can’t help but visit. Thanks London I’ll be back next year in the summer time.



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