Yesterday’s Adventure…

So Saturday was a nice day figured it was time to take a long drive to my old stopping grounds of “Hamden, CT” and see a man about his Kung Fu School. “Moy Tun Kung Fu of Connecticut.


Chris and My friend Rich have a school in Hamden I have been meaning to see. So went there on a Saturday and got my mini Peter Parker on. Not to say I am a photographer, to all my photographer specialists.

It was dope to see the stances and get a history of this kung fu. Which is the same kung fu Bruce Lee’s Master Ip Man learned. It is truly a martial art that takes tons and tons of practice.


From there I went to good old New Haven also known as “Gun Waven”. Trust there are no guns waved around the central Yale area of New Haven let me tell you that. It is locked down no buffoonery will be taking place around there. Stopped in at Shake Shack with my friend Bernice.

Had a Chick n Snack with a lemonade which cost 10.00$$$$$ couldn’t believe it. The Chicken burger was ok. I mean boneless breaded chicken deep fried you can’t exactly mess that up. Just wish the thing was bigger to quell my appetite, damn skinny people problems.


After that stopped for some ice Cream at Arethusa Farm Diary. Their ice cream is very good with a waffle cone. Of course I couldn’t have too much because I’m lactose intolerant. It would be like Superman eating kryptonite and having a swelled up stomach. Yea no thanks. For $3.50 that is a lot of ice cream though. Bernice valiantly attempted to finish the whole thing but unfortunately failed.


Of course on our walk through Yale amongst all the Yale students dressing up for some kind of concert I noticed this mothers day mural which was pretty dope.. Bernie and I thought of seeing a movie but course with modern day technology we noticed all the good seats were taken so figured to call it a night.


So with that being said summer is on the rise, time for more adventures.



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