Once again, another person bites the dust of bachelorhood.


I know, I have once again been on a hiatus this year, but it was for good reason. My 2016 has not been off to a great start, but I will admit this wedding this year was a blessing to see.

To think one of my childhood friends has crossed into the threshold of marriage. I know he has prepared for this day and haven’t been more proud.


There is no way he is getting out marriage with that rope.

Definitely had two plates of food at the reception. Of course my cousins joined me for the festivities of our friend reaching that new level of relationship.


Of course I saw my new little brother Carmelo at the wedding. Definitely good to see him and his family, call his table the “turn up table” I feel like his table was the most energetic when it came to dancing and having a couple of drinks.

As you can see we had more than plenty to drink. Though my salsa, game was a bit weak my bachata wasn’t to bad, definitely will get some lessons in the future.


With that being said, I end this post with this quote

“Marriage is when a man looses his Bachelors Degree and woman gets her Masters Degree”

Cheers and Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Romero

Dios los bendiga Tanto


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