‘Jolly’ Old England 2015

So after 3 years of putting this trip off, I finally found the time to go on this hiatus from work.



So after a 7 hour plane ride across the pond I finally land in the land of kings, queens, and supposedly bad food and bad weather. Boy was I completely wrong about the food, but I was dead on about the weather.

Like most people in England you make due with things and move forward. I must say though to see this architecture every day is amazing.




Tower Bridge, Gherkin, Big Ben, London eye, the Thames River all these sites all within a bus and tube ride. Of course for the first few days I was a super tourist. Though, I refused to take a picture of red telephone box. I’m sorry I can’t get down with that cliche picture, its just red.. So yea, pretty my SLR camera had no rest for the first few days. I literally was running a muck photographing almost everything.








I walked, took a bus, took the tube, got lost, Had a bus driver close the door on my leg. Had another bus driver literally take me to my stop after I fell asleep and found myself in Peckham which is 5 miles from home. With all that I still found this country, and its people to be “Dope”.

So I can’t lie most of the time I was England I always managed to be in three main places. Shoreditch High St, Brixton, and Oxford Circus. For some reason the vibe of these places reminds me of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. I don’t know if it’s the hipsters the posh folk, but the environment just automatically reminds me of that. Only the difference is it just doesn’t seem too overcrowded unless you are queueing up for a tube ride. Also if you have a chance go to Beigel Bake and get yourself something to eat you won’t regret it.

Also I must say though ate out alot, England food is quite healthy. Fish and Chips may seem cliche food to have as a tourist but it was so good. A friend of mind in fact gave me a tip of adding vinegar and salt which added to the taste. 8 pounds may seem a lot for this piece of fish which resembles a large boneless chicken tender but it was soo good. Seems we here in America have so many additives in our food that I didn’t realize until I went to a restaurant noticed the difference in taste. Also I noticed that the English love their tea, and pints of beer aren’t that expensive in comparison. Though there is pub on every block and corner and you can drink on the street. I feel as an American we would abuse drinking on the street, but hey I guess we are bit of extremists when it comes to overconsumption of things.

So London people, are cool, humble, dope funny people, regal speaking folk or least the people I met. Whitney Q The Q is Vital,  funniest, talkative, insightful, Ghanaian woman who is going to make big waves in radio. I believe with her positive attitude and dope personality shes definitely going to go far in my book. We had a chat and some lunch in Brixton, picked a nice spot with some art.  Also met up with my illustrator friend Justina B. Just, we had been in contact in for long to met in person was cool. When to see one of her art shows with some of amazing work, and of course I left a surprise note. We had some lunch at this Americanish food stop called the “Breakfast Club”. Very good food music was a bit funny there when the started playing Khia “my neck and my back” which shortly got shut off quickly once the lyrics got a little more raunchy. Definately wasn’t trying to eat my wings hearing that but it was good spot though. We talked for a bit, and I wanted to get real understanding from the people who live in London what it is like. The one thing I was getting was that people are bit more humanistic (if that’s even a word) than America.

In fact we have just about the same major city problems, aka Gentrification. Besides that the people within this country is probably why I enjoy it so much. Also let me not fail to mention there are SOOOO many other Londoners that I met, you know who you are and I’ll be coming back to visit everyone.

Also one thing I promised myself if I was going to come to England, I had to go to one futbol game. Unfortunately because of the time i wasn’t able to catch a game. Funny enough my cousin got something just as good. Was a tour of the Chelsea Stadium at Stamford Bridge. Now she didn’t join me because she loathes Chelsea, maybe she is an Arsenal fan meh who knows. I couldn’t be so thankful that she got me a ticket to visit the stadium. Its funny, in America we go football, basketball, baseball games, but I had a different feeling coming this stadium. I only wish i caught a game to see how intense games would be here. Hopefully next time when i come back I’ll have that chance.



All in all London is an amazing city. Though it may rain randomly or a bus driver will not wait for while you run like Usain Bolt to catch him. Its the people and their good attitudes that make that city fun to visit. I will hopefully return in Nov if not I’ll be back in April running a muck.

IMG_3422I’ll be back real soon so kiss the queen for me “yea”


Cheers Bruv!



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