Haitus, Adventures, Summer, Goals…




So I have been on a bit of a hiatus on my blog here,. What can i say the real world beckons I guess.  First of finally moving up in the world no basement dreams in my mom dukes place. Got a decent place with a cool roommate slash landlord slash elementary school friend from my stomping grounds. Can’t complain in the least.

Also this past month went to montreal for the second time. Unfortunately I never did get any pictures of the race or cars in general just a little bit of the journey. Due to alcoholic mishaps and female and friend distractions, with a bit of depression losing iphone. Yea apple by the way Apple that “Find Iphone App” doesn’t exactly work when you are in Montreal something to think about for Iphone 6s (just saying).  Also taxi cab driver who took my iphone I misplaced in the cab,  enjoy that brick iphone (bâtard mauvais)


Last but not least, had to see what was going on in CT. Though I try an avoid this place as much as I can during the summer, My sister decided to go check out Connecticon which always has a good turnout of nerds and cosplayers showing their passion for their characters through costume.

All in all though, it is back to saving money and traveling. I’ll be back in Boston for visit late Aug. Then hopefully I can make journey out to Florida or Cali, who knows what I’ll end up next but I’ll make sure to have a little something on here. Until then




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