Always the Guest, Never the Groomsman.


I know its been a long time since I have wrote on here. I figure now is a good time to do that. New Job, New Money, New place, and New roommate. With all my achievements, I see I haven’t achieved a certain something that requires a woman being at your side until death.  Once again though, I have another friend that now is off the bachelors club ,and is in a new selective “VIP Club” called marriage.



Of course I wanted to fight against the stigma of black people being late, but for once we as an African Diaspora were not late, but were indeed on time.


Of course everyone has impeccable shoe and dress sense , except my shoe game wasn’t as on point as it usually was. sigh*

Of course I got some practice photographs in before hand. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

To the Bride and Groom..


Of course, I sat next to the Class 4 Cryer at the wedding, she was crying way to hard on my suit, but I was ok, Just kidding.

5 Whiskey Sours later with a good strip steak, I was two stepping, cha cha sliding, and  willie bouncing until it was time to go.


All in all, congratulations to a start of your new family sir.



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