My First Press for ConnectiCon 2013


So I got chosen to do press for LiveYoungCT at the biggest Cosplay event in Connecticut, yes you Okatu’s guessed ConnectiCon

At first I didn’t know where to start. So many costumes, I figured ehh, let me start with something I know very well, a competitive game of Tekken Tag. At first I got served on platter with a apple in my mouth,

but of course nerves finally went away and this Peter Parker of news photographer got a couple wins.

There were so many dope costumes, the effort that was made was quite impressive.

I felt “Adventure Time” and “Attack on Titan” were the definitely the cosplay to be at this event.

Definitely give these guys Dopest Costume. Especially the lady with a One Piece boat on her head, the detail is first-class


Kids love Cosplay

All in all, it was fun met good people cool Otaku who definitely got a knack for detail.

Until next year

Cheers Otakus and Otakets


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