Finding Blizzard Storm : NEMO


If you live in New England then you are also posting pictures on every social media site of this blizzard. As of today i’m greatly considering getting out of dodge aka, Connecticut. Come take a peek at my inside of my block which looks similar to igloo-like one you have in your driveway.


To start off i’m 6ft tall and the snow is 3 ft , talk about working out your leg muscles..


Second if you live in our lovely condo association, and paid your condo dues, doesn’t mean the condo association is going give you helping hand in plowing out your car. Guess I didn’t read the fine print on that one.


Here are a couple of my neighbors (aka Winter Warriors) fighting back at the storm. They dug out their car out, but still have no where to go; battle won, war not over by a long shot Blizzard Nemo


One of many people in my neighborhood hustling cleaning peoples walkways. “Oh Mighty Dollar”

IMG_5070 IMG_5075

Of all the cars that made it out of 3ft non-plowed snow this “old hoopty” made it.


Quick little self picture, as you can see I am not pleased, my hatred for snow runs deep

IMG_5093 IMG_5096


Welp, I’ll tell you this i’ll never forget this day. Mostly i’ll be seeking employment down south, or at least plan a vacation somewhere warm

Cheers, Cabin-fevered New Englanders


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