Wedding Number ….. I lost count


I’ve been on bit of hiatus with traveling but on this thanksgiving weekend there was of course a union of relationship. Once again another person gets married and the gap is closing on me to venture towards this so called path of love.. *sigh*


So I went to go be  a bystander for my cousin’s marriage. It was a traditional Ghanian wedding held at the house with many on- lookers. That including my family friend and CEO of  54 Kingdoms Nana joined with his lovely date.



20121129-181010.jpgI’m still kinda in shock that my cousin, still got married. I find it humorous that while I was witnessing this union, my aunt is stressing the fact that times is ticking. I guess she wants a the new generation to stop being lazy.  Until the right one comes along, without any doubts i’ll keep walking the bachelor life..

Cheers Married Folk..

Ps. I’ll most likely have a vid on this union per the brides request.


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