SnapBacks and Tattoos?? Na Just Tattoos

It all started with my wise cracking friend Angel who decided to call me at 10am. Of course,  he rudely asking me if I wanted to go to a tattoo convention in our small city of Connecticut.  My answer, “ehh why not”.

My old friend Angel speeding in the Subaru WRX. You can tell he is overly geeked about getting new piece of art

As soon as we get into the convention, all you hear in the whole room is nothing but the buzzing of needles pierce skin. Not only that you can walk and see the many faces of calm people taking pain or their new art being put onto their bodies. Not only that,  we saw one of our  acquaintances, Derek. He was there since the morning mind you we arrived at 7pm.

So while we were listening to the sounds of buzzing as people getting tattooed, we ran into this woman selling some art. I picked up a piece of art, and Angel just had to get kiss since he invested in me buying a piece of art. Hope he doesn’t want his 10 dollars back ha ha ha.



Of course Angel just had to get tatted, he figured we came all this way if we didn’t get tatted what would be the point. I’m saving my tatt idea for next month, when my funds are correct.

And of course, the man of the hour was Enigma, he has been the tattoo world for a long time, but man the fact that he has his eyes tattooed is just crazy, i can’t imagine the pain of getting that done, but to each his own for the sake of art, and self expression.

Though I have a lack of pictures I have a lot of video, i’ll putting a vid up of this mini adventure.

Cheers Artists, and Self Expressers  第9


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  1. You have successfully walked me through a “tattoo convention”… I must say it was rather interesting and not at all what I expected! It was much better

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