Marriage. A club I’m just not in yet..

I know i’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, but between work, finding a new place, car giving me trouble and wedding invites.. my adventures have been limited to real world adult like issues.. But none less i’ll let you take a gander at my Iphone of this wedding I went to.. 

So this has to be my fourth wedding i’ve gone to, and let me tell you if you decide to have a date MAKE SURE SHE IS FUN. In my case I picked a good female friend/flirt. She had her bright dress and of course i chose the non loud grey suit, ehh. We sat next to one of my good friends Jon.

Who wasn’t to happy about it being 100 Degrees in a church, and wearing a 2 button suit like myself.

We then all witnessed my college friend of many years cross that bridge into marriage and then we were out of that sauna. Of course I just remembered they Reception started at 5 and its only 3:30..

So we went to a local pub and drank of course… and had a little something to eat. I know your all thinking, “Negro you couldn’t wait 2 hours”? My answer to that is NOOOOO!!!


The Groom and the Men..

My Table… Aka the College folk, Wise Guys, and such

The View is Crazy.. Groom showing the Guests

Me and My Date.. Its all good to a take a date to a Wedding

Always get the steak at weddings.. Got to eat like a King on special occasions.

Soon to be Married Couple, and a Married Couple at my table.

Had to write something meaningful, to bad my handwriting after 4 drinks wasn’t the greatest truly sorry, hopefully he understood my sentiment.

The View was crazy best location hands down.

And he told me he can’t dance… The Groom and Bride where schooling people that night

 Quote of the Day in regards of MARRIAGE

Welp, I got one more wedding to go to in September. Hopefully i’ll have a better camera to document this upcoming occasion, as well as a date, or i’m going Wedding Crasher Style for this one.

Cheers Married, Soon to be Married and Non Married folk


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