Class Vs Swag

Been on a bit of a hiatus in regards of writing, between work, new girl interest, losing money. Figured maybe something new in regards of my feet wouldn’t hurt.

So I decided to pick up some Sebagos , for some reason the red and grey caught my eye. Also I found out these are a Ronnie Fieg design

As years go on style is evolving, though the sneaker is quite strong i’m seeing more younger getting to this style of shoe.

Hence I wonder is is swag slowly becoming no longer and class is now taking its place. People who are wearing wingtips, and borgue shoes. Personally, don’t care for either or as long as a person has a confidence in his attire. Though I must say I gave up my doo rag wearing, and my big shirts and baggy pants. I often wonder what crazy fashion statement will my children make.

None the less my collection is slowly moving towards loafers and my sneaker game is slowly declining. Between the long lines for Jordans and server crashing for trying to get exclusive “Dead Stock ” pair of Ronnie Fieg shoes online. I find my transition to be good. though i’m not sure if I can completely remove sneakers from my mentality I will be thinking before I purchase

Cheers, Those Swag and Those with Class.



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