Hartford… A city we take for granted? Or something else??

So after a cool brunch with some cool ladies (T and Jess), I decided to go Hartford, CT.  It seems after a couple conversations me and friends had , one thing that got stuck in my head was that more and more people were leaving Connecticut.

It seems the population is just dwindling down in regards of cool people. It can’t be that bad right??? Of course i’ve lived in CT for a quarter part of my life but sometimes I feel that yea, maybe its time to truly leave the nest called Connecticut, but before I further pursued that thought, I decided to take shots of parts of the city since I like high places.

So I went downtown Hartford, CT of course I knew what places I liked because when I used to work at this insurance company as an intern working on the 18th floor was a great view as well as I knew good places to eat and so forth.

I mean typically, compared to New York or Boston night life is bit limited, and from what i’m hearing everyone comes here for the nightlife but after while you’ll see familiar faces, which can be good and bad, can’t be helped we live in a small state.  I usually say most of us leave because we don’t have counterpart to keep us grounded in CT soil. Also I think on the other side of it, after seeing something all the time it’s time for a new experience. Hence why no matter where your from the human nature to explore different part of the world is all what we chase after.

Have to say, that most of my funniest experiences and worst experiences have been in this city, from meeting women , to getting pepper sprayed, random encounters with the law, etc. All in all, I can’t honestly say I hate Hartford,CT  but I’ll try and experience more things in this crazy city before I’m truly ready to leave it

For now, until higher income or a sudden blessing from God through the lottery comes my way.. I’m pretty much grounded here on Giligans Island, well at least some of the inhabitants are cool; I’ll leave the island some day.

Cheers, My CT people


3 thoughts on “Hartford… A city we take for granted? Or something else??

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  1. I love Hartford but People leave because they can’t make a living off of their dreams here. Most make the decision after having tried to do this for a while and failing. We do have an artistic supportive community here and many talented people. I feel you just to think out of the box before making the great migration. You wouldnt run your business like you would in Ny but you can find a niche here. So I am giving it all before I leave.

  2. I can totally relate to this but in relation to where I’m from it’s on a much smaller scale. My part of London, Lewisham, is like your Gilligan’s Island and East London, Shoreditch/Brick Lane, Hoxton, is the NYC because that’s where all the artisans migrate to. The problem with leaving one part you know as home for somewhere else is that the grass isn’t always greener. Shoreditch/Brick Lane, Hoxton is satuated with ‘wannabes’, all trying to stand out in one place. Sometimes I think whether I should make the extra effort to go out and connect but then again why would I want to move to a place amongst a bunch of fickle pretentious ‘twats’.

    I figured i’d build myself up, bypassing a overpriced one bed apartment in Brick Lane for a £3.5m detached house in the prestigious Royal Borough of Greenwich, ten minutes up the road.

    Aim high although I’m quite fortunate that I live in the place which is the European equivalent of where you’re trying to get to.


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