Borgues, Wingtips, Loafer; No Jordans? か。か。か。

So i’ve been on hiatus, trying to save money for UK this summer as well as cutting down on many of my spending habits. I took a look at my attire and found that my dress shoe game was lacking. So to correct that particular issue, I did the unthinkable and went shopping.

Believe it or not a I’m bit of sneaker collector. I mean not like at a holy grail status but I like my collection, may it be Jordans, Pumas, Dunk Hi, etc.  A wise person on my twitter hand told me that “Jordans will fade one day“. Now personally wasn’t sure I believed his statement because people from born in this generation who don’t know who Michael Jordan is,  and are still buying his shoes.

So I figured though I enjoy the childhood my shoes I wasn’t able to purchase until now. It was also time to dress a little more mature, well so to speak. It is a long road before the utmost of maturity, but must as well start looking the part. I purchased two shoes a Penfield X Slider as well as some Wing Tip Oxfords from Cole Hann

I must say I was bit reluctant on the both these picks, but after putting them on it wasn’t that bad, especially the wing tips from Cole Hann. Though the Cole Hann’s stung the wallet a little bit I’ll be shopping around instead of dropping a a small SallieMae payment on my feet.

So with that being said, sneakers are cool, but take a time out from sneaker collecting and try something new.

Cheers, SneakersHeads & Oxford Gentlemen


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