New Year… Same Me.

2012, Is finally here, so are where floods, zombie apocalypse , or at least our Jetson status type of living sheesh…

Well I’ll tell you this before it was about hit 2012 the day before I was trying to figure out what the hell I was going to wear to church. Also I was thinking what shin-dig I was trying to go after. So I course I packed my camera, with extra batteries and headed to my mini Mexico, the big Apple.

Of course in the am there was some small ride miscommunication but of course I made it out there in a timely manner, and was on my way to find something at this new store I’ve been meaning to go Uniqlo. I already knew that it was going to be extra crowded this time with holiday approaching but sheesh.

So I took my 15min walk to 666 5th Avenue at 53rd Street at first I was bit lost but when I saw a herd of Uniqlo bags passing by me I figured I close.

The store itself is Japanese wonderland of blazers, cardigans and all those winter wear. All I personally want was nice clean blazer and trousers, but I really wish I had a little extra to buy gifts and a little more for myself, but that wasn’t the mission. Once I got what needed I was out.

Once I felt that I was done, I hit up my friend and BrooklynKnight representative Snow to see if he was trying to get food. While he had to travel uptown I decided to try and find somewhere warm to hide out. Luckily there was a huge church across the street so figured to go there. Seems that everyone had the same idea because I thought people where coming to pray nope, strictly snaps. Of course, I figured to join in since it was something to marvel at.

The Church its self was something to marvel at from top to bottom..

Of course it was a little creepy that Jesus was eyeing me down..

Well after a that my friend showed up and went to a restaurant i’ve never been to.. Five Guys!

Mind you this is 850 calorie burger is not good for you if your a health nut, but since I walked around for the whole day.

all that grease leaking for the bag wasn’t going to stop from this burger. Since it was packed me and my cohort went to Sony Atrium, since it had a nice nice little cafe area.

Once food was done, it was time for me to retreat to back to suburban life in CT.

Nonetheless, my mission was complete though, too bad I don’t remember time I had but remember the people I spent time with

New Year Same You.

PS. Recap of 2011 on its way..


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