Looked What Santa Got Me… Joyeux Noël , Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, メリークリスマス

So this christmas was a bit weird, we didn’t have a tree to put presents under plus on Christmas my water main at the complex broke, so I had 8 hours of no water. Merry Christmas so far right…. Wrong!

Welp, I still said Merry Christmas and thanked  Jesus despite how things were working against me. So for my presents which i didn’t expect to get. I got my first present , RED Beats by Dre


I really love the color of these head-phones, no disrespect to my Urbanears head phones which I still have on deck just in case. But for now, this will be a strong first for listening to my favorite Hip -Hop and Reggae. The sound quality is top notch, plus I feel bad for the people who might have a conversation with me while I have them on, I apologize cause I won’t hear a single thing but my own music. I also got my Sis a pair, and put in a couple extra bucks to get her the silver pair which match her Macbook pro.

My Second Gift funny enough tops my first gift. Akai Mpd 26. WHATT!!!

Now honestly my Sister, I believed topped me this year in regards of gift giving.  Since one of my other hobbies is playing the piano for fun and my sister always joked with me saying I need to work on my percussion, since i’m lacking  it was funny to get this gift.

Of course when I got it immediately set it up on my Reason 5.  It easily syncs perfectly and can be used with various different music software. So I was hyped. I figured to mess with some old samples. and as well as some tracks i wanted to sample. I didn’t get much rest to tell you the truth my mind was populating so many ideas, it was baffling. All in all, besides being trapped at home with no place to wash my bum… Wasn’t to bad I suppose..

With that being said even though I got these material things, I’m still hoping to get those ideal things I need in my life, I guess in due time I will achieve them as well..

Merry Christmas to All and God Bless ~ 9th.


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