Where Brooklyn At? ¿En dónde Brooklyn? のブルックリンか。

My trip to New York, consisted of staying in one of toughest burrows Brooklyn, “Brooklyn Stand Up!”

Usually when I come to New York for a weekend. i’m usually a big fan of going taking the 4 Uptown to the Downtown part of Manhattan, but this time I figured I would stay in Brooklyn. I see people that live Brooklyn are tough, even if they don’t want to be. The adaptation of living there makes you tough.

I first went downtown Brooklyn to a store called atrium and kith to get some new kicks which I will show later. After that trip decided to get some breakfast, yes at 5pm in the afternoon. Where can you get this you ask? IHOP of course…

Typical Afro American I get the chicken and waffles, and yes I was stupid enough to act like a pregnant person and dip my waffle in honey BBQ sauce, trust me it wasn’t appetizing. After that was said we went to visit our friend on Nostrande Ave, yup like I said i’m still keeping it Brooklyn.

Of course when we got to his home it was pure “Call of Duty Buffonery” with some added fighting game beat downs. Once that was over we all headed to bowling in the city. Nonetheless i find myself liking Brooklyn more. Less hassle than traveling to the city. Each city or burrow has its positives and negatives, but nonetheless there are things in more things in Brooklyn I have yet to unravel.

Not a bad memento to take back home if I don’t say so myself. If your ever down in Downtown Brooklyn, stop by Atrium on 233 Flatbush, you might find something there in regards of shoes or boots you just might like.

Cheers Brooklyn Knights & Subway Queens

P.S. Possible video soon.


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