Black Friday Pickup Battle. 黒い金曜日の積み込みの戦い

So of course Black Friday I had my eye on only one thing Jordan Cement Threes. Of course if you were shopping for these, you know obtaining these sneakers was no easy task.

I had two choices, either waiting online at exactly midnight to get them or go the mall and in line with swarms of people at midnight. Since i was a computer nerd i figured hey, just stay on the computer and try 3 sites at the same time, since i knew the server would crash i figured i had 3 mins after midnight, before all servers would crash. Of course i ran into some trouble since the website was about to order 2 shoes instead of one. and then this happened.

The of course the kicker was the websites having a timer, as to when i would be next to order online, which unfortunately was 5 hours. I figured I would push my luck, and go to the mall while the timer was still going. And if need be remote into my computer from my phone and order if need be.

Funny enough the mall was a death trap, the midnight release at footlocker was done by the time I got there, and the line at Champs already started which looked like 60 people already. At that point I had given up. Until I got a phone call from my sister saying she is putting an order in from Finish Line and with that being said 5 to 7 days later …

Success, and they were not fake it was pure Jordan 3 gold..

All in all it was a tough battle to get these but “Victory is Mine”  勝利は私の物である stewie Griffin voice*

Cheers, Sneaker Hunters


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