My Grand Tour of Uni. Of Connecticut (UConn)

Saturday  I felt the need to see something new or at least to travel somewhere 40 mins out of my way. So i went to see my family friend at University of UCONN.

I never really got a tour of UConn before because one i knew i couldn’t afford and two, i applied late to this college which i could of got into.  But i like the route I chose in regards of college. I wouldn’t have met the people I know if i went to this school.

The campus is a site to see, and its very vast. Of course I was introduced to one many cool people on campus. I got a bit  of nostalgia about being campus and meeting new people


None the less UConn’s campus is cool, I never knew a University that could rent out computers and bikes for free for students to use. The shear thought of it, was utterly funny. It also made me think damn what a regal school. I guess winning basketball games truly does make your school popular by demand .  It will good to see if i’m eligible to do my master’s here, only time will tell.

With all that touring i was finally tired, with my fatigue was inspired to continue look into continuing my education. Maybe not at UConn but getting my master’s doesn’t sound like a bad idea right now.

~ 9th


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