West Indian Parade 2011.

Though this particular event has gone and past, it was a good end to the summer. This year at West Indian Parade instead of being on the side – lines I decided to be in the parade  and walk  alongside participants of the parade.

To me no matter what year, the West Indian Parade is; this is a time where almost all men enjoy. There streets are scattered with women half dressed and dancing and enjoying their country being represented in the parade. Personally, I would like to add if you didn’t if you hop over that fence, and didn’t dance with someone in the parade it was truly in vein.

Of course I had my friend @mrainzb be my representative tour guide this year for the West Indian Parade, he also had some of his family down from England join us, though they did make a valid point their parade lasts longer, than ours in the states.

Of course my sister @SkinniBee joined with her friend

There were so many women at the parade I can’t lie my eyes where wandering. I thank God, I was single cause if know my significant other give me “eye” for a couple a days

Unfortunately the streets were littered with bottles. It was a sad day for the NYC clean up.

So once, again with the concert and parade behind me this closes the chapter on the summer of 2011.  Time to get winter ready for I hope there more events to come before the year closes.



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