My Journey To Rock the Bells NYC

So  Saturday September 2nd I made my journey to Rock the Bells in NYC . To tell the truth I was hyped about seeing Lauryn Hill and Nas, Mos Def, Talib, Big Krit, GZA & RZA and Erkya Badu. Who wouldn’t be? Its Ms. HILL come on

So of course I was the first person up at 8:45 on the the dot. My entourage wasn’t as excited that early in the morning, but later own moods changed.

So the plan was for 5 us to be enjoying this concert but of course fate dealt us a interesting hand. One person had to miss the concert because of his significant other which is understandable and them planning to go on a trip elsewhere, the other  member came to the apt too drunk to walk and later  was comatose or as I like to quote “Down goes Fazior; Down goes Fazior” and since someone had to baby sit our unlucky drinker it left only two brave souls. So it was of course me and a friend of mine who where entourage for the concert

Of course, while waiting for the ferry we were planning and trying to get rid of our 2 extra tickets. Hopefully,  to someone who would of enjoy the concert as much as us. Of course without avail no one wanted our tickets for 70-100 dollars. So we gave up on trying to get a profit, and we were not even giving them away for free, at this point.

So as soon as we get off the ferry and make our way to the concert there Mos Def and Kweli where performing. We were at least a quarter mile back.. 10x zoom on my camera could barely get the Mos Def dancing in a shirt n’ tie.  Next was RZA and GZA which was a good view and they had a great performance and the livest crowd. You know if its a live crowd when someone behind us passes out. Though I noticed  this guy in front of me macking to this girl in a BLACK sweater and its 90 degrees.. He must of been sweating worse a fat person in three thermals.. Up next was Ms Badu and her lovely self , I was at this point I was bit bad that our cohorts couldn’t join us.

After that, we took a break on the lawn, aka took a 30 min Nap since all the good performances were last. We made our way to what looked like a 6 hours of standing. Lauryn Hill killed her performance and looked like she was leading an orchestra with her hand movements. It was as if the band wasn’t live enough for her Praz also joined her wish Wyclef was there, it would of a been a good nostalgic Fugees moment, but aw well. Nas was next, and his set up took at least and hour, at this moment my legs were doing a tip drill.. But used my friend as a kick stand at one moment.

Nas performed last and he by far had the hugest entourage. Dj Preimer, Pete Rock His boys from Queens, Ekrya Badu, Lauryn Hill, Steve Nash & his Wife MC Search etc. He went through the whole Illmatic album, and he was not trying to leave the stage. He wanted to rep Queens to the fullest and leave with a bang. All in all I this put a good close on my summer in a proper fashion

One Love, Rock the Bells

Ps. I’ll try post a video soon. that will give you a better visual


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