Photo Adventure Turned Photo Shoot.. Thrill & Nando

So usually on a nice Sunday, I like to take my SLR camera and take some shots of inadament objects or scenery. Of course I was off to a slow start since I was hung over but I got up and got a text . From acquaintances Nando & Thrill, and they wanted to do a small photo shoot. Mind you I was a bit reluctant because I like doing candids,but I figured, ehh a challenge today in photography couldn’t hurt. Plus the more the better I can become in photography, or the I could implement my photoshop skills.


So of course the location is the garage of my old stopping ground CCSU (Central Connecticut State Uni). Just the thought of being vexes me sometimes. Because their slogan “start with a dream and end with a future” to bad they didn’t put in the fine print future will cost 40,000 and loan companies calling for their piece of the pie you call a future, but of course thats everyones for told future when i comes to going to a university

So going to the garage, and getting to the top floor was nothing but crazy Artwork. You can truly see the skills that Central CT has to offer.

Of course Nando and Trill to wanted to do a photo shoot to since it was a good location.

I had to get in the mix, just because i rarely ever like to be photographed. All in all it was fun. Until the cops showed up, but she didn’t mind we were up there as long we didn’t decide to jump of the building, was her comment. Of course I asked her for her photograph but she smiled and DECLINED!

All in all good times, I guess this was a good way to test my own skills, and after taking pictures I felt like damn, I need to get out of the sun. I’m look like Count Chocula,  black is beautiful I guess.

Cheers, Image Captors

PS. Here is Vid of the up and coming artists, still can’t believe he filmed this via Iphone.. Artists that hustle.


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