29 Years… And i’m Still Alive?

Aug 9, I reached “Twenty Nine years of life”. Some people say, i’m old, others say i’m merely just growing up. I don’t really feel anything personally, its not like puberty where your voice changes. I just think my surroundings are changing, and I’m beginning to widen my eyes a little bit more.

I wasn’t in a celebratory mood since I was sick, and still sick in fact. But of course my family always does dinner and a cake no matter the age, which is much appreciated. My sister always gives a card with words of wisdom. I think these year she reached her pinnacle of friendly sibling congratulations.

Of course got a little gift to continue my creative mentality.  M-Audio Midi KeyStroke Piano as well as Reason 5 from one of my up and coming producer friends.

With that being said up and onward with life…



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