Ghanian BBQ.. Sigh No Kebab

So last weekend, my church, which I barely go to (God i’m sorry) has a bbq that they host. Ususally, i’m not very fond of going to Church bbq’s, but I figured hey there is free food so why not be a glutton for a couple of hours can’t hurt..

Of course there was Ping Pong. It seem every Ghanian came to play.. with their weird paddle techniques, and pure trash talking. Of course i didn’t join my ping pong skills are still novice compared to this others who made it seem like it professional Ping Pong.

Now there was abundance of Ghanian food, but iIstick to my guns. Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.. and of course Kebab. Now as for kebabs that is the one crack food for Ghanian people. Once the plate was out it was GONE.. it took 0.2 secs.

All in all minus that one food swindle it wasn’t that bad. I ended up leaving a bit early, just cause of the simple fact of bordem and no basketball court..  But it seemed everyone else had fun.


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