SF IV Hand of God.. aka G0DHand

So I didn’t want t to stay in my usually dull neighborhood, so I took a drive to Orange, CT to see, my good friend and future roommate Rich, aka Cheech, aka G0DHand on Xbox 360 to some.

Now back in college days we used to get go at in every fighting game you could think of. Tekken, Third Strike, Soul Caliber,  MV3. Of course usually games end in one victor usually that was me except for Third Strike. As  the years went on this guy started taking this game to a whole another level, If not damn near scientific. I can’t couldn’t fathom him taking this game and learning soo much to the point I look the novice.. smh.

Yea I made the foolish mistake of challenging him now after his years of training.  Of course working against me, is the Xbox d-pad is the worst thing ever constructed.. So i was legitimately was punching bag through entire game… Didn’t win a round didn’t even come close to getting him to half a health bar, and I wasn’t mad or frustrated about it either.. Just merely showed I digressed and went into other things while he progressed. Well he is going to truly test his skills at EVO. A gaming Tourney in Las Vegas. Sounds like a good trip to me either way win or lose.

If you feel up to it, challenge him on Xbox if your lucky unlike me you just might beat him.. All that will do is make him progress.

I’ll put up a video of the beat down I was taking.. Just looks like an Boondocks Stinkmeaner Episode when i got kicked in my chest.. Sigh*

“First Class Cabin on the Ass Whooping Express”


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