Ciroc, Bud Light.. Pool.. and No Fireworks. Ahh Independence

4th of July or to some Independence Day

Lets be real when we think 4th of July we think Beer, Liquor and Fireworks, thats it. No history, No back story , just we are free let me blow up a piece of mother earth or let me see some visual wonderment. Well my friend Angel invited to to his home and of course I to get myself ready. So my weapon of choice was Coconut Ciroc on Ice.. yes.

I was glad this kid decided to throw something because, I have been denied BBQ’s this whole summer. So of course my glutton mode was on. While I was at it i decided to take a dip in the pool, and prove that some African Americans can swim. Maybe not well, but I was swimming. Yea that night was just the squad, no other females. (Shake my Damn Head) but had to show my homie support.. Later on when people got a little buzzed we decided to get acrocbatic and have a dunking contest. I already knew by the way my friends little brother was dunking just for shits and giggles I was going to look like Lou Al Deng vs. Lebron, Kobe, and Wade, Delonte West aka Angel lol.. Still not sure if i want to make a short vid of that. but we’ll see.

All in all I couldn’t complain.. I didn’t want to bother looking at fireworks. I feel like once your past 13 years of age the visual aspect of it all just isn’t appealing. But i’ll say this i’m rather make fireworks and watch em..


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