My 100th NY Adventure……

Well, last Friday had to be my hundredth NY adventure, and I must say like all the times I’ve been to NY it never gets old to me.. I also realized I have acquired a couple of NY attributes. One I will J-Walk up and down the city until I get a citation. Two, I can never get lost in NY as long as there is a subway and an A,C, L, Q, J , Z, 4, 5, 6 Train.

So after walking around Time square I figured we should take my quest to my favorite store Reed Space. This was the second time I have been to this store. To me its like an art gallery, filled with magazines and tees and several different kinds of apparels as well as Jeff Staple‘s own designs. Of course I copped a memento by Acapulco Gold

Next Location has to be the Brooklyn Bridge, the last time I came up here with my friends I think there was a good 10 mins of silence.. Maybe it was fatigue, or it was it was view of the bridge. This time around it was only me  (9th.Prophet) and  Snownasty. It was a bit different since our other cohorts couldn’t join; IllyChris, Proper, Actorbailey. But I figure every one else has their own journey.

With that being said, I think i’ll find more locations, but right now i’m going to focus for out West (Cali, Vegas, Mexico).. either that or, further North (Mass, Canada NH). Who knows but I can truly cross NY off the list.


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