Maryland Trip…Damn has been 10 years Part: III (Red Lobster)

So of course after a long day taking pictures of the graduate and soon to be college student, we celebrated at Red Lobster. All I could think about at this time is CHEDDAR Biscuits. Yes, going to Red Lobster I believe everyone has a small or great affinity for those delectable biscuits.  The only person who wasn’t too happy about those biscuits was my uncle, he just wanted brocoli and fish.. Tell me why this man made such a big deal out of that he asked specifically for that, and he got coleslaw. He was so vexed,  I couldn’t stop laughing as he felt he got royally played by our waitress. Also another humorous event at the end of the night, was the bill.. My cousin who decided to treat was shocked to tables cost him 200$ and he still had one more table to pay for. He had me in tears laughing when he asked for a calculator… My fault cousin i should of ordered the coconut shrimp appetizer ehhh..sorry.  Got to love family I need to make more visits in the future.


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